Home again, home again jiggity jog.

Well, I guess I’ll blog again about the end of our tour. Just before leaving Ottawa, Rebecca accidentally crushed her pinky finger in between a door and a hard place, fortunately she’s tough, and with some ice and salt water she was able to avoid being sick from the pain. After a Jameson on the rocks administered by Dr. Card, we were ready to hit the road again. It was a good thing we didn’t have a gig that night, but after a couple days at the cottage she was pretty much back to normal. We had a great time at the cottage, fishing, jumping off rocks, telling ghost stories, eating BBQ, the whole nine.

Peterborough’s The Spill did not let us down, Typewriter (Joe Fortin), and Caylie Staples played beautiful, intimate sets and the crowd was great. We then stayed with the wonderful Fortin’s and had a little party, as it was the first day of their holidays. Thanks again to Rob and Susan for their hospitality. 

Upon our return to Toronto, we had the privilege to open for T.O.’s Flashlight Radio, for their exciting debut EP release. It was a great night, playing for a packed Rivoli, catching up with some friends and celebrating the end of a successful tour. Flashlight Radio impressed me with their polish and effortless groove. I’m looking forward to hearing them again soon.

We got a ton of video from the gigs, so I imagine we’ll get some of it up on the site soon. Thanks to everyone who came to the shows!


Sudbury, Ottawa, Cottage deserved.

We’re a little further into the tour now with a show last night in Ottawa (where we currently are at my parents house), and another fun show in Sudbury on Friday night.

We opened for our friends Hear comes the Cavalry at Sudbury’s famed venue; The Townehouse Tavern. It was my first time there and I could really see why it’s the destination for touring bands of all sorts when making the long drive down the Trans-Canada. The crowd there is consistent, warm and appreciative, and they really know how to party! Props to the guy who slid across the dance floor during our set and to Perry who did the awesome close-up video.

Last night’s show was also a success with a bill of 3 acts; Ottawa Songwriters; Ann Walton, The Megan Jerome Trio and us hooligans. We played at Irene’s on Bank street to a full, attentive house. We loved playing with all the talented folks so far on this tour and I’m excited to collaborate with everyone again in the future.

We’re pumped for the next couple shows with our friends in Peterborough and TO, but first we’ve got to go take a load off at Mike’s cottage for a couple days and jump in the lake repeatedly. My folks Gary and Sue are the best, and have left us a ton of food left-over from their BBQ, so our grocery list for the cottage should be minimal.



401’s a River Tour II : First Stop Montreal

I’m sitting here typing in a kitchen, beer in hand after the first show of our tour in Montreal. We played at a great little place called Le Cagibi, and it was perfect for our sound.

We had a bit of a stressful morning trying to iron out last minute travel details, and then once on the road ran into a bit of trouble, so it was a pleasure to play a show for a receptive audience. We got pulled over by a cop who claimed we were travelling at the absurd speed of 146km/hr. Seriously? This was actually an impossibility as I had the cruise control set to 120km/hr and didn’t even have my foot on the gas. Despite this, he insisted that we were traveling at that nutty speed. Although he remained firm, he decided to let us off without a ticket which means he realized he had made a mistake but wouldn’t admit it. Why would he let us off for going 4km/hr short of the speed that people instantaneously lose their license for? Simple. He wouldn’t. This was a minor hiccup, but we made it to Montreal in one piece.

We were lucky enough to share the stage at Le Cagibi with the talented Patrick Gregoire. He played an intense opening set with a wide range of material. The reason I say this venue is perfect for our sound is the intimacy of the room. It is warmly lit, and with an audience of 10-20 feels full.

We are up early tomorrow for an 8 hour drive to the one and only Sudbury. For now felicity is in one of her two most common states (sleeping and harmonizing with every sound around her), you can guess which one. Harley is taking an all expense paid trip through the virtual kingdom of YouTube. Rebecca just finished meditating and is drinking what she calls s%%% tea. Michael is taking the last sip of his beer. I think we’re all heading to bed now.

Welcome to our blog

This will be a place for discussion, reflection and updates on things that are going on in the world of hobson’s choice. We will be posting from the road, the studio, the practice room, and wherever else we find ourselves. You will hear from each person in the band about the ways in which we approach performance, composition, practice, business, and how we experience being a part of hobson’s choice. We will all talk about things that inspire us when writing music and lyrics, opening up our creative process.