The music of hobson’s choice falls somewhere between alt-folk and chamber-jazz. Using the idiosyncratic line-up of vibraphone, trumpet, voice and acoustic guitar, this indie-folk quartet creates songs sometimes rich in their words and melody, other times in their colour and architecture. Engaging issues as diverse as climate change, love, millenial malaise, and urban sprawl, the group extends the tradition of folk songwriting through the careful construction of intricate arrangements. The result is a sound that eschews the obvious and consistently surprises.


hobson’s choice is: felicity williams on voice// michael davidson on vibraphone// rebecca hennessy on trumpet// and harley card on guitar and voice.

All the members have extensive experience in many musical spheres. Most notably, all four are active jazz performers and earned University degrees in jazz performance. Both Michael and Felicity attended York University, and Rebecca and Harley graduated from the University of Toronto.

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